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Illuminating questions

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Good questions are like spotlights in the dark, suddenly illuminating pathways through seemingly messy problems.

Sue Burton, who manages the Sustainable Schools program at NSW DECCW, took some notes from a workshop with the ever exuberant Professor Stuart Hill and turned them into conversation starters. She said I could share them.

Imagine using these questions to frame a conversation with your team or organisation about achieving social change.

What small acts could have a lot of effect?

What could make small acts contagious?

What are some ways we could do better at talking to others and working with others?

Who is already making change we could lend our support to?

When did you last seize the day with an unplanned opportunity?

What’s a good way to be kind to ourselves?

How could we reward ourselves for good work?

When do you last act from the heart?

When will you next spend time in nature?

When will you next spend time with others?

How could we develop our knowledge, understanding and skills.

If we see something wrong, how could we intervene in a positive way? 



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