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What is a system?

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"Systems thinkers see the world as a collection of stocks along with the mechanisms for regulating the levels in the stocks by manipulating flows. That means system thinkers see the world as a collection of 'feedback processes.'" - Donella Meadows, Thinking in Systems: A Primer Designing SUSTAINED change always means intervening in systems. But what is a 'system'? To clarify what ‘system’ means, I've discovered/thought of 28 statements about systems. Most of these are well known and can be discovered by Googling ‘system thinking’. Some are based on Donella Meadows' work and System Dynamics. Some are from books on resilience thinking. Some are my...

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The sweet taste of autonomy (Chapter 2 of How Watching Toddlers Explains Everything)

autonomy Motivation

A classic illustration of the motivating power of choice from young Bugsy, aged 24 months. You'd think that a being served a lovingly disarticulated Mandarin by Daddy would beat clambering onto the table, stealing a fresh Mandarin, and slowly, det...

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