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Why scientists make great servants but terrible masters

communityengagement outrage Silo-busting

Beautifully written opinion piece in The Age this weekend from Julianne Schultz, reflecting on the ridiculous debacle of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission???s ???draft framework??? where, you???ll recall, the agency followed the following script: 1) Let...

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Cities: what works?

Cities communityengagement

Just took a long coffee break to read Cities: Who Decides?, an illuminating study by Jane-Frances Kelly from the independent Australian think-tank The Grattan Institute. She asked: ???What kind of decision-making arrangements are associated with sus...

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In love with a CEO

communityengagement healthpromotion Innovation Strategy

Not really, but I was tempted after hearing Dr Kathy Alexander, the CEO of the City of Melbourne, talk at a local government emerging leaders forum. I took five pages of notes in 20 minutes. She has uncommon common sense and uncommon candour, perh...

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