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News — Denial/resistance

To the bullies of this world - some rules about resistance

Denial/resistance Motivation

The world is presently witnessing two awful spectacles of bullying on a global scale: the terrible tragedy in Gaza and Russia’s proxy war against the Ukraine. Closer to home, we’re witnessing the Australian government’s bullying of asylum seekers, the unemployed, the disabled, single mothers, and indigenous people in communities subject to the Intervention. Bullying is an assertion of power designed to cower, belittle and control its victims. It hurts because it says to them “Your hard-earned human dignity amounts to little to us. You are a reduced form of humanity whose only function is to comply.” These comments from BasicsCard recipients capture...

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Fear of collaboration

Denial/resistance Facilitation Silo-busting

A nice post from Vivien Twyford, summarising a Harvard Business Review blog on the fears of collaboration. Good point! We expect decision-makers to be open to partnerships and multi-disciplinary processes because they break down silos - the No1 wa...

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The human capacity for denial is infinite. (illustrated)


And to illustrate the point, here's a taxonomy of climate change denialisms, put together by Grist, the environmental news magazine, together with handy responses. Proving that even pea brains can be am...

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"Penalties apply". Can you legislate behaviour change?

criminalisation Denial/resistance denialresistance Motivation Strategy

There???s a class of crimes that don???t have immediate, identifiable victims. Clearing native vegetation, smoking cannabis, hosing a driveway during Level Three water restrictions, parking in a loading zone. On the weekend I saw a sign at Minnamurra ...

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Kuhn and Galbraith on habitual ideas

Denial/resistance innovation

Regarding your thoughts on habitual ideas Karla...I thought you might enjoy the following quotes.Thomas Kuhn, in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, wrote that an accepted body of knowledge ???does not aim for novelties of fact or theory, and, ...

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