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WWF-UKs push for values-based campaigning

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World Wildlife Fund UK has recently taken a deep dive into the murky world of psychology to try to understand why those darned humans are so reluctant to do the right thing, especially with a global emergency that doesn???t allow us the leisure of w...

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Deutsche Bank's dunderheaded climate change message

Climate change framing Marketing and communications

My friend Sean just told me about Deutsche Bank's huge carbon counter in Times Square. Here's a picture of it. It supposedly counts the number of tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere.I have to be careful to moderate my language here, so I'll just say: ...

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Even a humble sign can be great

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Just got back from training the staff of Environment Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. NZ's regional councils are interesting beasts. The do the work that a host of state agencies would do other countries, everything from water quality, to air polluti...

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