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The dream team to tackle obesity

healthpromotion Silo-busting strategy

A recent US National Research Council report, Local Government Actions to Prevent Obesity provides a nice summary of the kind of interventions that have the best potential to tackle childhood obesity. According to the press release: ???Many of these...

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Walking to school: how to make it feel safer

Cities healthpromotion Motivation settings Strategy

Walk to School programs have a checkered history. A large recent program in inner Sydney schools, for instance, focusing on educational interventions, produced ???mixed results??? for major a 2 year effort. Yet here is an example from Queensland that ...

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Is change social? Well, yes.

buzz healthpromotion Strategy

Nice article on research that shows how Quitting smoking travels (like practically everything else) through social networks of people who know each other. We keep being surprised by this ...

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In love with a CEO

communityengagement healthpromotion Innovation Strategy

Not really, but I was tempted after hearing Dr Kathy Alexander, the CEO of the City of Melbourne, talk at a local government emerging leaders forum. I took five pages of notes in 20 minutes. She has uncommon common sense and uncommon candour, perh...

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