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Four reasons not to do Engagement LAB

Facilitation Innovation Marketing and communications

1) Your manager won’t let you do creative stuff. 2) Your organisation isn’t innovative. 3) You don’t have time or money to do interesting projects. 4) Your workmates will think you’re crazy. No, seriously, if your manager won’t let you do creative stuff, don’t do this workshop. You’ll get frustrated and say it’s all my fault for leading you up the garden path. But if your manager is cool, then here’s what it’s about: First: it equips participants to design community engagement projects that humans will positively want to engage in. Second: it’s about processes that suit any purpose, from...

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Monkeys in the Jungle Theory – What accelerates the spread of behaviours and ideas

Facilitation Innovation Marketing and communications Strategy

Positive social change seems awfully slow sometimes. Those good, healthy, desirable behaviours can take a long time to spread through populations. If only we could speed it up. The Diffusion of Innovations* has a lot to say about this. In short, the answer seems to be: IF you have a product that works better than the current product (from the users’ point of view); AND people buzz positively to their peers about it; THEN the product (or behaviour or idea) will spread; AND WHAT INCREASES THE RATE IS how dense and positive those conversations are, and how charismatic and well-connected the 'buzzers' are....

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Signs and wonders #7   Funny garbage; sugar drinks lose their fizz; grumpy people just love to hate

Marketing and communications Strategy

Healthy signs Two recent signs point to historic changes in community aspirations around health. First, Coca-Cola is losing its mojo. Sales volumes of the bitter-sweet liquid confection slumped last year, especially in the critical take-away market, with teenagers drinking less than ever: part of an trend away from sugary fizzy drinks generally. Last week the SMH reported that “Half the population of Australian teenagers drank a Coca-Cola over the past four weeks. That might seem like a high proportion, but five years ago it was closer to 70 per cent.” With fizzy drinks major contributor to the obesity epidemic, this is hopeful news....

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Signs and wonders #4 – playing in the wacky zone, poo-themed campaigns, communicating with cyclists, making climate change visible

Climate change Facilitation Innovation Marketing and communications

This Signs and Wonders focuses on making communications that people actually SEE: that grasp their attention. [Of course, no one expects visibility alone to change the world, but if we’re invisible we’re not even in the game!] Playing in the wacky zone The trick to grabbing attention is to surprise and break stereotypes, which means that, as communicators, we need to be able to surprise ourselves! So how could we do that? I’ve been experimenting with some simple ways to encourage out-of-the-box creative thinking. Last year I did a crowd-sourcing experiment that provided a pile of cool ideas. Since then...

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Communicating good cycling behaviour

bell bicycle Cities Cycling Marketing and communications Strategy

With so many men turning to bikes for exercise, and many having not a clue about good behaviour on shared paths, it's getting scary to be a pedestrian, especially with children around. So, I've been thinking about how to communicate good shared path protocols for cyclists. Building on thinking for a cycling behaviour strategy for the City of Sydney, I've just made some mock-ups (below). First, it should be unmissable, big and bold, so no one can be in doubt that it's important. So a full width path stencil should do the trick. Second, it should clearly illustrate the behaviour, so...

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