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Blinkered: how government does change badly

Community building Silo-busting Strategy

You have to admire the sheer consistency of non-self-reflection in indigenous affairs in this country. The location of Aboriginal problems, is, of course, Aboriginal people. And to prove it there is a seemingly endless cavalcade of studies evaluating Aboriginal communities. But, although I’ve read every evaluation of the NT Intervention, I can find only one study that actually evaluates the performance of government program managers. Tellingly, it’s a Department of Finance study that was suppressed as ‘Cabinet in Confidence’ until Channel Seven got hold of it under Freedom of Information in 2011. Although it’s written in cold technocratese, it’s a...

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Fear of collaboration

Denial/resistance Facilitation Silo-busting

A nice post from Vivien Twyford, summarising a Harvard Business Review blog on the fears of collaboration. Good point! We expect decision-makers to be open to partnerships and multi-disciplinary processes because they break down silos - the No1 wa...

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Why scientists make great servants but terrible masters

communityengagement outrage Silo-busting

Beautifully written opinion piece in The Age this weekend from Julianne Schultz, reflecting on the ridiculous debacle of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission???s ???draft framework??? where, you???ll recall, the agency followed the following script: 1) Let...

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On tackling wicked problems

innovation Silo-busting silobusting Strategy

I recently stumbled across a fantastic publication, one that ought to be on the reading list for anyone working in the business of change. It???s called Wicked Problems, A Public Policy Perspective. It published by the Australian Public Service Comm...

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The marvel of multi-disciplinary mingling

Facilitation Silo-busting

Howard Jones, pioneering Green activist of the NSW south coast stood up at the annual Raspberry Day get-together this year and said, in his rich, thoughtful voice: ???Copenhagen isn???t really about climate change. It???s about cooperation.??? Nice.I witn...

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