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Who's the right inviter?

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I’ve observed that most behaviour change – perhaps around 75% – is triggered by a conversation. This makes sense in the light of diffusion or viral theories which see behaviour change travelling contagiously along networks of people who know each other.

I’ve been wondering what personal qualities could allow someone to invite change in another. Surely not everyone can do it. Such an invitation needs to overcome considerable barriers: fear, distrust, denial and resistance.

This is an important question for change agents because the choice of messenger or endorser could make or break a change effort.

So: Who is the right inviter? Can the government be an inviter? Could you be an inviter?

In my drip feed publication of the world’s slowest book, I’ve finally made available an exposure draft of Chapter eight: Find the right inviter.

This chapter delves into the science and practice of behaviour change to answer two questions: who are the best inviters, and what makes an invitation people can’t say “no” to.

I hope you enjoy it and I’d be pleased to receive your feedback.

Best wishes

- Les


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